Regional Championships Updates and Equipment Lists

Updated 1/12/2018

Contests offered at Middle, Mid-West, West, and East Tennessee regional events:

  • American Spirit*
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Automotive Service Technology-MLR 1 (NOT National Event)
  • Automotive Service Technology-MLR 2 (NOT National Event)
  • Automotive Service Technology-MLR 3 (NOT National Event)
  • Automotive Service Technology-MLR 4 (NOT National Event)
  • Carpentry
  • Chapter Business Procedure*
  • Chapter Display*
  • Cosmetology
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Criminal Justice
  • Esthetics
  • Job Interview
  • Job Skill Demonstration A
  • Job Skill Demonstration Open
  • Nail Care
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies*
  • Outstanding Chapter*
  • Prepared Speech*
  • Promotional Bulletin Board*
  • Sharon Melton Myers Memorial SkillsUSA Award (NOT National Event)*
  • Technical Drafting

*Contest entry is not required to advance to state, participants will receive feedback to help prepare for SLSC.

Advisors: You are not required to mail the CTSO Release Form in with your registration, you only need to have completed copies for each attendee with you at the conference in the case of an emergency.


  • Competitors should bring a one-page hard copy résumé to their contest on the day of competition at the regional level. Failure to do so will result in a ten point penalty.
  • Contestants MUST follow national standards for dress for each specific competition at both the regional and state level, found in the SkillsUSA Championship Technical Standards. Advisors will have an assigned pin to access the technical standards once they become a professional member of SkillsUSA.
  • All other attendees must adhere to the official  SkillsUSA Tennessee dress code.

Inclement Weather Policy

Basic agenda for all regional events:

  • 8 – 9 a.m. – Registration
  • 9 – 12 p.m. – Regional Contests
  • 12 -1:30 p.m. – Lunch
  • 2 p.m. – Awards *Please note that the award ceremony may start at later time based on when the scoring of all contests has been completed.

Automotive Service Technology – Will complete all 4 sections of MLR single shots and take an overall knowledge exam. Students competing in the automotive regional contests should be familiar with all four MLR level tasks.

MLR 1-4 Contests – Contestants are allowed to bring their own scan tool for the contest. Students entered in the MLR contests will perform tasks related to the standards for that MLR level as listed below:

  • MLR 1 (tasks are based on standards which cover: explore career opportunities and requirements of a professional service technician; content emphasizes beginning transportation service skills and workplace success skills; safety, tools, equipment, shop operations, basic engine fundamentals, and basic technician skills)
  • MLR 2 (tasks are based on standards which cover: automotive general electrical systems, starting and charging systems, batteries, lighting, and electrical accessories)
  • MLR 3 (tasks are based on standards which cover: service suspension and steering systems and brake systems)
  • MLR 4 (tasks are based on standards which cover: service automotive HVAC systems, engine performance systems, automatic and manual transmission/transaxle systems, and workplace soft skills)

Carpentry – Contestants should follow SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards. Contestants should also bring a set of saw horses. Calculator use is allowed.

Cosmetology – Contestants will perform one long hair design and one women’s design hair cut for the regional event. Click here for basic agenda and design cut photo.

Crime Scene Investigation – Students participating in the SkillsUSA Tennessee regional Crime Scene Investigation competition should be prepared for the following scenarios: oral board interview, dusting for fingerprints, and bagging evidence. Contestants should bring CSI kit with the materials to accomplish the above tasks.

Criminal Justice – contestants need to bring the necessary equipment needed which will be on a standard duty belt. Possible scenarios may include:

  • A protester in front of a business.
  • Terry stop involving a deaf or non English speaking person.
  • Subject wondering in a federal housing area (looking for drugs), called in as a suspicious person.

Esthetics 9/25/2017
The  Fantasy Theme for the 2018 Esthetics Contest is “Looney Tunes.” Click here for the agenda.

Job Interview – contestants will complete a job application on site. Contestants should bring three hard copies of their resume for the interview portion of the contest.

Nail Care – Click here for nail care contest agenda.

Architectural and Technical Drafting – contestants should bring a computer or laptop with software and a power strip extension cord for all regional event locations. If using the manual drafting boards, they will need to bring basic drafting equipment.

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2018 year is:
SkillsUSA: Champions at Work
Job Ready Day One
The topic to be addressed by contestants in the Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions is how our theme addresses the SkillsUSA national program of work in the area of professional development.

More Coming Soon!