SkillsUSA Framework


Turnkey Lesson Plan Makes Integrating SkillsUSA Easy

In your SkillsUSA membership kit, Step 3 of the “10 Steps to a Successful Chapter” provides a hands-on lesson plan so you can ensure SkillsUSA is integral to your CTE program.

Use the framework lesson plan to embed SkillsUSA into your activities. A SkillsUSA chapter exists as a teaching tool where intentional learning can take place in a safe environment. Students are able to make mistakes and learn from them with your guided practice, which moves them along a continuum of awareness to demonstration and eventual mastery-level learning. The framework lesson plan makes it easy for students to understand what it is and why is important to their total career success.

As part of this lesson plan, students will benefit from visiting the Career Transitions site, where they can:

  • Assess their career interests by taking an online assessment
  • Browse career paths and check out videos of real people working in the field
  • Learn to write a résumé and cover letter

With this free registration, students will receive a year’s worth of career planning tools and resources that will help ensure they are career-ready.

Try These Framework Videos, Banners and Pins

By integrating SkillsUSA into the CTE program, all students develop the personal, workplace and technical skills that comprise the SkillsUSA Framework. A number of resources have been developed to help explain its value:

  • Four videos directed at specific audiences: teacher, parent, business and industry, and a general 30-second PSA that is ideal for social media. Visit:
  • SkillsUSA pin with framework card: It’s easy to explain SkillsUSA and the framework with this handy card. You can also show your SkillsUSA pride with the pin attached to it. This is an ideal memento for visits with administrators, parents and legislators. Sets are $2.25 each and can be purchased online at: