Business and Industry

SkillsUSA Tennessee is fortunate to have the generous support of local, state and national corporations, businesses and associations that support the mission and goals of our organization.We also enjoy partnerships with many more that contribute financial and in-kind resources to support our mission. These in-kind resources include contest supplies and equipment; contest prizes and scholarships for students; educational materials. Partnerships with schools, colleges, technical schools, business and industry are SkillsUSA’s lifeblood. Such support is critical to the successful function of SkillsUSA Tennessee Leadership and Skills Championships.

Working with SkillsUSA is Good for Business

SkillsUSA helps industry recruit the kinds of employees they want to hire. We’re a way to tap into the pipeline of skilled workers who are training in career and technical education programs.

Why Partner with SkillsUSA?

SkillsUSA’s Purpose

SkillsUSA’s purpose is to help instructors teach the essentials such as: basic skills including applied academics, customer service and communications; technical and professional skills including those for specialized industries; management and leadership skills including team building, goal setting and motivation; and emotional intelligence including self-discipline, persistence and empathy. Our students bring that added layer of professionalism that is vital to the competitive business environment.

A National Network

SkillsUSA is a valuable and adaptable resource to help you reach your goals, whether you’re looking for customers or employees … or ways to affect the preparation of the skilled work force; to reach policy-makers at federal, state or local levels; to build your brand; or to reach the industry in which you work or the communities in which you reside.

We are your Customers

Annually, more than 300,000 students and instructors join nationally, with Tennessee having more than 7,000 members. They are organized into more than 15,000 sections and 54 state and territorial associations. Since its beginning, more than 9.9 million people have been proud to call themselves SkillsUSA members.

A Focused Approach to Cause-Related Marketing

Good corporate citizenship stimulates consumers to be loyal, passionate and frequent business advocates. They commit to brands that have earned their trust. By supporting SkillsUSA, your potential to develop new business — or open new markets through building relationships with new customers and organizations — grows exponentially.

A Competitive Advantage

Investing resources in SkillsUSA will enhance your competitive positioning within your industry. You’ll be helping to improve future workers’ — and customers’ — education and skill sets while increasing their interest in your business and industry.

Donate to SkillsUSA

Here’s an opportunity to support the mission of an organization that is working diligently to help fill the pipeline for our nation’s future skilled workforce with bright, motivated students. These students carry with them the occupational, academic and employability skills needed to make a meaningful contribution to their future employers, communities, families and to the future of America’s way of life. You know these students as members of SkillsUSA. You can make a positive difference in the lives of these vibrant young people.

Tennessee State Leadership and Skills Conference Information

The Tennessee State Leadership and Skills Conference is a showcase of the best career and technical education students in Tennessee. More than 1,200 outstanding career and technical education students compete in hands-on competitions in different trade, technical and leadership fields.

Contests are run with the help of industry, trade associations, and labor organizations, and test competencies are set by industry. Contact Tracy Whitehead for ways to get involved.